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Meet Dr. Hamza Saif Usmani, B.Sc.DC.

Chiropractor, Dr. Hamza Saif Usmani“When I was a child, my dad hurt his back. I vividly recall him being in pain.” Though Dr. Saif’s father sought various types of treatment, it was a chiropractor who finally helped him get out of pain and regain his movement.

Chiropractic Education

After earning his undergrad degree from McMaster University, Dr. Saif attended Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. He graduated in 2012 and joined Hunt Club Chiropractic. “I wanted to have the opportunity to practice with clinicians who were already excellent in what they did.”

Helping Patients of All Backgrounds

Dr. Saif is passionate about serving the natural healthcare needs of patients of all ages and from different walks of life. He cares for patients ranging from a months-old infant to an active senior to an avid athlete.

As chiropractic is a universally applicable approach to health, people of all ages can benefit from it.

Many Tools at His Disposal

To help his patients achieve optimal spinal health, Dr. Saif uses the Diversified approach to manual adjusting. He also can also provide treatment with an Activator that employs an instrument to deliver a gentle adjustment. Seeing people get out of pain is rewarding on it’s own. However, his real passion lies in analyzing and correcting abnormal curves of the spine conservatively without surgery or other interventions.

With chiropractic, nutrition and other healthy lifestyle habits, there is much we can do ourselves to maintain and improve our health before we get into a crisis.


In His Spare Time

When he’s not caring for patients’ spines, Dr. Saif enjoys spending time with his wife Maliha and their young daughter Ilyana, who is bright and inquisitive. They enjoy biking on trails in the city and love to play tennis. In the winter time, the family enjoys skiing and snowboarding.

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Dr. Saif is highly caring and empathetic. “If someone is in need of care, it’s empowering to know that I can help them. At our clinic, we never turn anyone away.”

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Dr. Hamza Saif Usmani | (613) 739-9474