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Ottawa Chiropractor : Dr. Ian McIntosh

Dr. Ian McIntosh and his family

Dr. Ian McIntosh and his family


Dr. McIntosh earned his Bachelor of Science (Biology and Neuroscience) in Ottawa before moving with his wife Melanie to New York State where they both attended New York Chiropractic College. He graduated Magna Cum Laude and class valedictorian with his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2001. Dr. McIntosh returned to Ottawa to join Hunt Club Chiropractic where he specializes in spinal correction and rehabilitation. He serves all types of families and people in his practice.

At Home

Dr. McIntosh is a husband to his best friend and a soccer dad for his 3 daughters and his 3 year-old son’s buddy. He understands the importance of preventative health care and has a passion to guide people in their journey towards optimal health, no matter what type of condition or stage of life they are in. He offers alternatives to traditional medical approaches that are both highly effective and natural.

Good Health

What most people believe about staying healthy is often false. This was also true for Dr. McIntosh before he discovered that good health starts on the inside with how well the body functions. How we steward our bodies helps to determine how healthy we can be. If you have questions about your current health and are unsure of what to do, or have been told that nothing can be done, DON’T accept that you have to just live with it, until you have tried chiropractic. Don’t wait to truly start living your life the way it you were designed to.

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