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Meet Dr. Yurij Chewpa

As a chiropractor, I love setting people free to live the life they were designed to live.

Chiropractor, Dr. Yuri ChewpaThe Path to Becoming a Chiropractor

Dr. Chewpa always knew he wanted to work in sports injuries. He did his undergrad in kinesiology at the University of Waterloo and was deciding among physiotherapy, chiropractic and medicine. He always had a desire to work in the health care field, particularly with sports injury patients.

While playing hockey at the university, he got injured and the chiropractor was able to help him. In addition to getting positive results, Dr. Chewpa was encouraged to become a chiropractor by his uncle, a medical doctor.

Education and Training

Dr. Chewpa attended Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, graduating in 1986. He’s also a sports injury specialist and did his residency in sports sciences. Dr. Chewpa is a Fellow of the Chiropractic College of Sports Sciences.

Offering Care for All Ages

Patients of all ages and stages can get the natural care they need at our practice. “My wife had a special interest in pediatrics and pre and postnatal care, so we transitioned into more of a family practice.”

Now, however, Dr. Chewpa and his team provide more reconstructive care, looking at function and putting more emphasis on structure than most chiropractors do. He also offers functional neurology and Chiropractic BioPhysics.

As a passionate athlete, Dr. Chewpa loves providing sports injury care. He is part owner of a CrossFit gym and he has a small satellite clinic within the gym. Rehab in the more functional movement sense is also a major part of what he does.

If you have dysfunction or pain, you’re being robbed of your potential. I feel like if we can help to restore your health through chiropractic, massage therapy or a combination, you can live an abundant life.


Giving Back to Those in Need

In 2000, Dr. Chewpa co-founded Warrior Coaching with his partner Dr. Ed Quirk. Warrior is an intense leadership training and life coaching program designed to help Doctors of Chiropractic achieve success in all areas of their lives. With over 130 clinics across Canada and now in the U.S., Warrior Coaching has become the nation’s leading coaching program for chiropractors.

“Warrior Coaching is done from a biblical model: God first, family second and the practice third. Our model ensures that every patient has access to chiropractic care regardless of their ability to pay.”

In 2004, Dr. Chewpa, along with his wife, Dr. Marie Geschwandtner and Dr. Ed and Holly Quirk, co-founded Chiropractors with Compassion (CWC). The charity has partnered with Compassion Canada, a child sponsorship program, to raise money to release children around the world from poverty.

“Since 2000, we’ve been able to donate several million dollars to various charities, mainly Compassion Canada. We’ve had the privilege of taking many chiropractors on trips to the Dominican Republic, Kenya and Uganda to see some of the projects we’re involved in. Projects include water supply systems, school construction and more.”

Family and Hobbies

Dr. Chewpa’s parents were born in Ukraine and immigrated to Canada after WWII. His family, which includes an older sister and a younger brother, planted roots in Ottawa. Dr. Chewpa and his wife started our clinic and practiced together for 20 years. They have two grown sons, Mikolai, who is an RMT at our clinic, and Olexa, who is attending chiropractic college.

Outside the practice, Dr. Chewpa is an avid CrossFitter and has participated in IRONMAN events. When he’s not at the practice, he works out most days at the gym. He also loves to bike and particularly enjoys riding through wine country.

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