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Postural Correction/Functional Rehab at
Hunt Club Chiropractic

Woman getting x-rayHave you ever considered the importance of your spine’s structure? If not, it’s unlikely that you’ve thought about your posture. Today, everyone is working at a desk. spending a lot of time hunched over computers or looking down at mobile devices.

It is important to know that posture dictates how your spine is able to function. If you are experiencing pain it may be related to poor posture, which can cause abnormal amounts of stress up and down your spine.

You must address the cause to find true resolution.

How We’ll Help

Every patient receives care targeted at changing posture and and correcting spinal alignment. Our goal is to stabilize and strengthen the spine, reducing pain and improving overall health and function.

The protocol we use for postural correction is rooted in scientific research and has been proven effective. Digital X-rays are taken as you progress through treatment, allowing us to compare them to your original images. You won’t just feel a difference- you’ll be able to see the difference!

Are You a Candidate?

Not everyone qualifies for postural correction. The only way to find out if you’re a candidate is to have a full assessment. Contact Hunt Club Chiropractic today to get started!

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